Maddi Ring - Photographs

Ordering Information (Prices may have changed so send me a note about what you are interested in)

  • Most prints can be obtained in a variety of sizes. Standard sizes are listed below. Contact me for larger prints.
  • Aluminum prints are availalbe as well, ready to hang on the wall.
  • Special orders must be prepaid.
  • Note - Color represented on the monitor may not match the printed image exactly. Also different prints of the same image may vary slightly.
  • Each print series is done separately and accepted or rejected for quality by the artist. I make every effort to ensure new prints are as close as possible to older copies and that web images are good representations of prints.
    However, once an order is placed the customer is expected to accept the final product.
  • Please contact me at for additional information



       Print Size                     Matted Print         Metal Image

          11x14                                                 $550 

              16x20                                                  $750                                      $750

              Small Panorama                               $450                                       $650

               Large Panorama                              $500                                       $750

              Iphone Fantasies                             $400

              Polaroid Transfers                          $400


       Print Size                  Matted Print                     Metal Print

          11x14                                              $300                                             $350

              16x20                                               $400                                            $450

              Small Panorama                            $450                                             $500

              Large Panorama                            $500                                            $550